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The mission of the Arkansas HVACR Association is to promote professionalism and help our members become more profitable by providing benefits, information, education and legislative representation. We strive to be proactive in consumer protection to serve Arkansans and to enhance the HVACR industry image.
We invite you to browse through our site and see what the Arkansas HVACR Association is doing for consumers as well as the HVACR industry.  For consumers, its about professional service and peace of mind.  For the HVACR industry, it is about training, education, support, representation, and comradery.   
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Act 910 passed by the Arkansas Legislature in the 2019 session set into motion the transition of administration of the Arkansas HVACR Licensing Program from the Department of Health to The Department of Labor & Licensing. That is the best thing for our industry since the licensing law was passed.  We are working together to assure that the program becomes more relevant to the industry and to consumer health and safety.

The hardest part of running a business is growing—the right way. Don’t run past your cash flow, don’t run past your manpower, don’t run past your own personal and family time. BUT, if you aren’t growing, you are going backwards. The world is constantly changing and there is always someone ready to take your customers and employees. That is why the Association will put a big emphasis on GROWING—THE RIGHT WAY this year. Our goal is to offer training opportunities and tools for you to to manage your growing business.

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We never quit learning; but, getting the training can be expensive and inconvenient. During the fall and spring of 2018 – 2019, the Association conducted 15 Manual J classes and 5 Manual D classes. The classes were conducted in 10 regions of the state and the attendees paid less than the actual cost of the class.


Congratulations!  You Did It!             

ACCA announced that almost 20,000 letters were sent from the HVACR industry requesting that our industry be listed as an "Essential Business." It was the position of ACCA and the Arkansas HVACR Association that the HVACR industry needed to be specifically named. Consumers could not risk their heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems being overlooked again. It was and is a matter of health and safety. While we were confident that it was an oversight, that could not stand as we moved into even greater restrictions imposed on the workforce.
We are grateful to ACCA, the industry, and, more specifically, to the Arkansas HVACR Industry that took time to send the letter ACCA prepared. This is an example of a good cause being recognized and implemented when good people stand up. Congratulations to each of you that helped. Arkansans are better off for your efforts.

HVACR Service Amid COVID-19

HVACR service is a Health & Safety issue.  Everyday every HVACR company is running service to repair and replace heating, air conditioning, & refrigeration equipment.  It is not optional.  It is Essential.  HOWEVER, we must take precautions to protect the homeowner and the tech.  The Association put together a "Paper" of possibilites that you can consider.  It is quite long as we researched and provided documentation.  Can you implement them all?  Probably Not; however, every company should at least think about how they can provide service during these unprecedented times.  Click on the link to access the "Paper". 

We Train

Critical Industry
Employee Authorization to Travel
While this form may not be presently required, that is subject to change as states and cities expand their orders to "shelter in place".  It is a matter of opinion and being safe is better than being sorry. Click on this box to link to the form that you can edit for your company.

Keep Your People Employed

The Payroll Protection Plan is available to the HVACR industry to keep your employees on the job.  You can't afford to loose your employees during this time.  The loan is forgivable.  The paperwork is easy.  It is important that you move quickly to apply for the PPP loan.  This summary is taken from links on the Small Business Administration web site.   Click on the picture to link to the document.  

"HVACR Service Amid COVID-19"

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This is a trying time and we all are in disbelief as to how this is affecting our country and state. One thing I am sure of, our Members are Arkansans and this will not whip us. Providing heating and air conditioning is a health and safety issue and we stand ready to provide that service even at a time like this.