• You are working too hard making the business a success to monitor regulatory and legislative issues.  That is why the Association stays abreast of issues that affect your business.
  • The Association provides local Chapter meetings in the fall and spring so you can connect to other dealers and learn about new technologies and items of interest.  These meetings are a great source of continuing education.
  • Technology and Business training are an important part of Association life.  Classes are offered at an affordable cost for attendees.

Coming January 2025

  • Welcome to the Arkansas HVACR Association website.  While it is focused on the HVACR industry, there is also good information for homeowners and businesses. 
  • The consumer link provides definitions of many heating and air conditioning terms. 
  • Health and Safety issues are top priority for Association Members so we include information about ventilation, carbon monoxide, and excessive humidity as well as building and insulation ideas.  There are calculators to help you determine potential savings of higher efficiency equipment.


  • Connecting with Association members and supporting them in Association training as well as leading in regulatory and legislative issues is super important to you.
  • The Association provides a systematic approach to professionalism and dealer success.  That attitude provides you better trained and business savvy customers contributing to your bottom line.
  • Distributors have an opportunity to sponsor meetings and provide training programs creating a connection between dealer and distributor


The Arkansas HVACR Association was formed in 1986 as the Arkansas Heat Pump Association.  In 1997, it became fuel neutral with the primary intent to provide opportunities for technical and business education and to promote professionalism within the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration industry.  We desire to serve Arkansans by ensuring that their comfort and refrigeration needs are met through quality HVACR design, installation, and service by well-trained, reputable industry personnel.  The Association works with the State Licensing Board and local inspectors to assure consumers that their installations conform to code and meet the comfort, health and safety needs of their homes and businesses.  The Association has eight chapters across the state that meet regularly; Central, Ft. Smith, Hot Springs, North Central, Northeast, Northwest, South Central, and Texarkana.  To know more about the Arkansas HVACR Association, we invite you to call or email.


The mission of the Arkansas HVACR Association is to promote professionalism within the HVACR industry though collaboration with legislators, regulators and educators; support HVACR dealers and contractors to be more profitable through business, marketing, and sales education; train technicians and installers to provide consistent, quality service; support and cooperate with code officials to inform the industry of new regulations; to inform the public as to the importance of dealing with well trained and insured dealers and contractors; and to present a presence to consumers that supports an image of consumer appreciation,  protection, and respect for the partnership between consumers, dealer/contractors, legislators and regulators.