There are lots of opportunities for training: Code Continuing Education, Code Technical Training, Regular classes at distributors and manufacturers, Colleges, Other Arkansas Training Sources as well as National Associations and training organizations.  Some provide Continuing Education Units in addition to the regular certificates.  If you need CEU in addition to the course content, be sure to ask the provider and  encourage them to get the class approved before you register. 

This article is like a Table of Contents.  There are 7 sources of training and training information.  Just click on each of the options.  They then lead you to several other options.  Like we said, "There is no shortage of training information."

Continuing Education In Chapter Meetings Click Here
Association Technical Classes for CEU Click Here
Association Online Classes for CEU Click Here
Training Links to State Approved CE Classes Click Here
Training via National Providers (Not CEU) Click Here
Arkansas College Training Programs Click Here
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