The Arkanas HVACR Licensing Program has 7 State Inspectors including the Chief Inspector.  State Inspectors are available to assist municipal inspectors when there are questions of code and installation malfeasance. Though not required in law or regulations, Department policy gives the installing contractor an opportunity to make necessary repairs to bring the site up to code for the benefit of the homeowner or business.  If the contractor fails to make the required repairs, they are then taken before the Licensing Board for review.  Complying with State Statute, the department gives required notice of a hearing and the contractor has the opportunity to present their case.  If the Board agrees with the inspection report, a fine can be assessed in the amount up to $250 per infraction and for each day of the infraction.  The decision of the Board can be appealed.  Regretfully, there is no avenue for the Board to obtain reimbursement for the homeowner.